off we go!

and good bye!

we are off to a short break in Barcelona! Ha! looking forward to that! (we’ve been invited to a wedding in spain – how cool is that!?)
Luckily we booked the flight sometime in november last year, when the renovation was some wishful thinking of the future. But standing now in the middle of a (more or less chaotic) site I’m afraid we wouldn’t go if it was for now.
But we got the tickets early anyway so at this point I’m glad to have a little break and pretend to be someone without dusty hair and dirty fingernails!
hasta pronto amigos!


spring is slowly evolving over here. so  a few weeks ago we enjoyed the first glimpse of warmer weather and sunshine in a nature park near Vienna. We took a much needed relaxed walk trough the garden and felt really R O Y A L.

If you haven’t been there it is worth a journey! take a look at the Schlosspark Laxenburg. You have to pay for the entry but they also accept dogs there (although we had to pay for Gustave almost twice as much as we did for us.) its a beautiful getaway and worth every penny – and its huge you can walk for hours and spend your entire day there, rent a boat on the lake or just stroll around, lay in the sun and remember: life is beautiful.


can’t wait for our next sunday getaway there!

all photos where taken with my beloved pentax KX on film.