getaway … to Graz

As one of my favorite bloggers Bre wrote lately – it’s important to treat yourself every once in a while. The best treat while being stuck in such a renovation project as we are is some LEISURE TIME!
That’s why I surprised Martin a few weeks ago with a small “thank you note” and voucher to short escape to Graz. I booked a night in one of the most beautiful Hotels I’ve ever been to. It was amazing. Everything was just perfect! The food, the staff, the room, the design…
We were also able to take Gustav with us because dogs are welcome in the Hotel Wiesler. Yeah!
As we entered the room we were just amazed by all the great design and beautiful, modern interior. Stunning, I tell y’all!
Look at the cute little “bookhouses” next to the bed! Love them and can’t wait to DIY them.
And I cannot tell you how much I loved the bathroom. It was an ensuite, with metro tiles (really rare in Austria!) and the idea of glass brick for the bathroom dividing-wall is great too!
After we had a yummy meal at the Speisesaal downstairs we must force us to go for a walk with Gustav (because the room was just to beautiful and cosy to leave it!)
Gustav wore his little hoodie.. I know that is kind of cheesy. But Pitbulls have an almost naked belly and really short hair, so as we (unfortunately) don’t live in sunny California we need to cover him to keep him warm during the chilly Austrian fall/winter season.
Also a beautiful feature in the room are two raw walls.. with all the different old paint layers left as they are. (we are thinking of doing the same with one wall in the treehouse)
The next day I surprised myself:
Normally I’m more the “taking-a-shower-girl”… but in the morning when the boys went out for a walk I couldn’t resist taking a bath in the beautiful tub surrounded by the oriel windows with an amazing view.. I kind of getting the idea what all the “taking-a-bath-lovers” are talking about.


the Speisesaal in the morning
Good bye Hotel Wiesler! Hope to see you again sometime soon!


care package

last weekend was a good one: a sunny summer weekend over here in Austria. So we did what was most obvious on a sunny and hot day: sweating, transpiring, perspirating and we transuded! while we did so we also managed to get rid of the wooden floor and the sand underneath. while we were working and sweating like pigs some of my friends dropped by with some much needed energy food and drinks!

Thanks Uli and Luci for the delicious “Marillenkuchen” (apricot cake) and your adventurous performance climbing up those two ladders! Especially Lucia, you are a true daredevil! And Uli: the boys loved your site-seeing outfit!

After those two left my good friend Claudia showed up and supplied us with some cold wine and water (spritz wine) which we enjoyed in proper site-style (out of some plastic cups). When Claudia left the boys said: Oh, there should be more girls in this world just dropping by with wine and water! so true!
Thank you Claudia, Uli and Luci!


vacation liebling

Hi there! Sorry for my lack of posts lately.
I took a few days off from work (and I caught a summer flu… which is the perfect combination!… NOT) but anyway. I feel a lot better today and I’m going to organize some of the trillion things waiting on my to-do list the next couple of days!

The thing on top of the list that I’m most concerned about:
There is some trouble with the roofer (can not belive that this is a proper english word for the guy that tiles my roof!? is it?) We are waiting for the detailed blueprints of the roof so that I can give them the final nod for the construction. And they will hopefully start next week so that the roof is sealed and waterproof BEFORE they are on company-vacation in august!

But while I was dealing with my summer flu and waiting for those layouts I relaxed under the porch at my parents home with one of my favorite iPad magazines:
GREEN MAGAZINE from is a beautiful aussie magazine and it makes my day every second month when I download and read a new issue!


The magazine comes not only with a beautiful and modern layout but it’s also fun to read with well researched articles and stuffed with amazing photos of even more amazing homes! I’m also a fan of the sustainable focus in this magazine. And my bi-monthly crush are the boys of the little veggie patch. (I love everything about them: their approach, their design, their gardening skills, their accent,…)
And the best thing about the magazine is that its really afordable: less than 4 euros for a super-magazine is more than a girl can ask for! right?
If one of you lucky ones live in Australia take a look at the printversion! (I’m sure even the paper is high-quality(recycling)!)