We took a short break and a weekend off our renovation timeline to visit Anja and her family in Vorarlberg.
We’ve been there during Easter and we loved it. So when Anja invited us to come and celebrate with her the release of her beautiful self-published magazine SOI we didn’t hesitate and packed our bags!
The weather was perfect and so was the release party!
The location was an organic farm called Vetterhof. They’ve prepared a hay-barn cinema and disco and they served delicious soups made by Anjas partner-in-crime Ulli and her team of the Elfenküche in Dornbirn.
Congrats Anja and Ulli, you did a great job!
We had a great time at the Vetterhof and in Vorarlberg! Unfortunately we had to leave the next day.
Before that we did a little (baby)bump contest in front of a wooden shingled wall. (I think I won!)
I totally looking forward to come back! (and I think my boys do too!)
And you know what, we need to come back anyway … because we are planning to cover one wall of the nursery with those cute wooden “ruffle” shingles. Unfortunately, those where sold out at the moment. So we are going to collect a few square meters of them some time soon … as soon as we have a wall to cover. (maybe we should start with the essensials first before we buy the decoration!… story of my life..)

Thank you Vroni, Anja, Karl-Heinz and Nini for your heartwarming welcome. Everytime we visit it feels like coming home!



I found the amazing light-store 360 volt trough my favorite dutch magazine VTwonen. (remind me to show you this magazine sometime soon!)

Anyway, this is a little shop in the heart of Amsterdam. Who happend also to run a *TADAAAA* webshop! They stock an amazing range of industrial lamps in a lot of different color shades and sizes, as well as cords and bulbs and big illuminated letters! Take a look at their amazing lights or visit the store if you are visiting Amsterdam. (make sure to bring some extra luggage to take one of these beauties home with you!)


vintage lieblinge

I’m still on “staycation” here at my parents house. Saving my engergy for tomorrow: we have a major-working day scheduled, unfortunately with a not-so-major-crew regarding the number of helpers… but I’m optimistic that we reach our set goal for the day.

I wanted to show you a little treasure I found a few years ago in the treehouse:
a whole bunch (20 or more?) of beautiful interior magazines from the 50ies / 60ies and early 70ies. (I imagine the former owners of the treehouse as people with advanced gardening skills (thats what the neighbours told me), visionary minds (that’s what the tree-roof/house-architecture tells me) and an addiction to interior magazines (thats what I can tell from the number of magazines I found and the mint condition!)