I found the amazing light-store 360 volt trough my favorite dutch magazine VTwonen. (remind me to show you this magazine sometime soon!)

Anyway, this is a little shop in the heart of Amsterdam. Who happend also to run a *TADAAAA* webshop! They stock an amazing range of industrial lamps in a lot of different color shades and sizes, as well as cords and bulbs and big illuminated letters! Take a look at their amazing lights or visit the store if you are visiting Amsterdam. (make sure to bring some extra luggage to take one of these beauties home with you!)




Today I may introduce you to a store named BROOKFARM. It’s a small shop located in Brooklyn just around the corner of williamsburg bridge.

My good friend Eva told me about the store earlier and as an (online)shopkeeper herself she knows best about well sorted shops! I clicked the link she sent me and:
boy! what a dilemma! I couldn’t choose one or two of the items for my lieblinge selection here… I had to pick them all! wow.
Brookfarm themselfs describe their shop as a: “(…) a neighborhood store, modeled on the traditional general stores of New York City, but with a modern interpretation.”

can’t wait to step my foot into this beautiful store next time I’m visiting Eva and Jake in Brooklyn!

footnote: brookfarm also run an online shop for those of you who are currently outside of Williamsburg (like I am!)