kitchen party

ikea kitchen
moving chaos is over…
truth to be told: we still have heaps of stuff at my brothers (thank you George for your patience) and four boxes in our bedroom waiting to be unpacked… but at some point you don’t even see the moving boxes anymore… its like a cardboard furniture you just walk by. sad but true.
Anyway there are also fun parts with the moving part like unwrapping your beautiful ikea kitchen!

I think I’ve waited for this moment foreeeeever
or at least since we planned and assembled the kitchen. Removing the blue protection cover seemed like a party to me!
To put it with Cindy’s words: Girls just wanna have fun!

Somehow I was really used to the blue and it took me a few days to get used to our new white kitchen!
Now, after using it for the last 2 month (these photos where shot during our moving chaos) I wouldn’t change a thing!
Also our new kitchen explorer loves the drawers and I’m afraid the dishwasher is her favorit… let’s see if this fascination is still strong when she’s able to load and unload it.


portrait of a lady – coral charm

I thought maybe I should keep me and my mind away from the dust and deconstruction at the house for a moment and have a look what’s blooming in the gardens right now.
(I think I will do some “portrait of a lady” posts on a regular basis.)

Peonies are my absolute favorits. And the one I adore the most is called Coral Charm. These peonies are amazing espacially because after a few days the color start to fade from a more or less pink coral to a soft and warm yellow buttercup tone!
I absolute love these beauties!