sweet treats

I’ll just want to share two oh-so-sweet presents we got.
Uli (our baking queen) made these cute and yummy atreefor2 gingerbread houses! they just don’t look fantastic they also taste delicious!
And our speedy-brick-layering girl Anja did some home-made plum-punsch for us! (look at the label! isn’t it just perfect!?)


I’ll be back next year (aka in a few days..) with some news on a tree for 2 and hopefully soon in the regular posting routine after all the holidays!


punsch gathering part 2

here we go with part 2 of our little treehouse christmas party.
I rescued some old window frames back in summer, when we got new windows. And I thought its about time to give them a second chance. So we pinned a photo on the wall and hung one of the frames over it. voila! A really nice and superfast version of a unique photoframe!
I also build a little “tea-minibar” out of a beautiful old metal toolbox.
And to add a little extra cosiness we illuminated our vintage polka dot sunshade. (and put some chocolate umbrellas up).
my aunt Christine gave us a helping hand with some last-minute apple slices for the mulled wine. Thank you!
And Martins grandpa is such a talented up-cycler! He’s a blacksmith and made a great outdoor fireplace out of a old washingmachine and a table.
Lucia and Uli brought some delicious cakes, cupcakes and gingerbread. (the cupcakes were eaten so quickly I couldn’t even take a photo of them!) Thank you so much ladies for your support!
my mum and dad ♥

I could go on for hours with pictures of this evening. (it lasted until 3 in the morning) but I think I’ll just wish you:

M E R R Y   C H R I S T M A S !

take care and have youself (and your beloved ones) a merry little christmas!


punsch gathering part 1

We thought it would be a nice to thank our oh-so-motivated, strong crewmembers and all of our patient neighbours (we messed up a gardenparty of our neighbour Herbert when we removed the truss and the roof! do you remember: dust and noise everywhere! so sorry for that!) by throwing a little Punsch and Glühwein gathering.

Martin and I started early (2 weeks ago) to prepare our basement for the party. The room was basically a total mess. Stuff everywhere, dirt and dust everywhere and holes everywhere! So the first thing we did was to empty the room and clean everything. Then we put all the things back in, we thought we might need for a nice party.
Speaking of holes: I had the idea of making a large wallpaper-print (1 by 2,5 meters) to cover them up. It turned out as a true encouragement for good commuications during the party. The people (all related somehow to the treehouse) had immediately some nice things to talk about and stories to tell by looking at my wallpaper-drywall-installation.
We invited Peter – a chef friend of mine – to make the Glühwein and Punsch for us and it was delicious! Thank you Peter.
The boys prepared some swedish torch lights.
If you got some spare tree stumps at home its a perfect way to get rid of them and keep the boys busy preparing the torches. (and of course its also a great decoration for any outdoor party!)
Just cut a stump (not all the way through) so that you get 4 or more sections.
Put some thick wire around the sections (so it doesn’t fall apart while it burns)
put some firelighters in the middle and make a fire.
et voila!
and as you can see in Schorsch’s and Peter’s face… anything that includes fire and some chainsaw-DIY really is the boys-favorite-decoration!
more party photos to come.