interior design shop heaven – DFshop in Dornbirn

On our little roadtrip throughout Austria we visited the small town of Dornbirn in Vorarlberg and by accident by a lucky coincidence we found ourselfes in interior design heaven:
the DFshop of Sonja Ladstätter-Fussenegger. She owns an amazing shop in Vienna too called “heimweh” (homesick), which I can highly recommend but the DFshop in Dornbirn just blew my mind!

It is a bigger version of heimweh paired with an awesome factory sale of Fussenegger textile, an old austrian textile company specialized on high quality blankets and covers.
Read the whole story about David Fussenegger on their website.
So if you’re ever near the Bodensee region or in Vorarlberg go and visit the DFshop you won’t regret it! (even the building – the old David Fussenegger factory – is worth a visit!) The products are extremly well curated and selected and they stock some amazing brands like house doctor.
We bought two beautiful cosy blankets and some small decorations for the treehouse!

I finally got all photos from our trip to Vorarlberg ready and I’ll share some of them with you next week.
Have a great weekend and stay tuned…



thrift shopping

Last weekend I had half a day off from the site which was great because I found the time to pursue a hobby I had disregarded for a long time:
Thrift shopping!
I love vintage furniture, light shades, beautiful old tableware, cloth, patterns, colors,…
I’m a true admirer of stuff that was created or build or designed before I was born! someones trash is my treasure!
There are a few places outside of Vienna where you can find a lot of beautiful and unique stuff and one of my favorite ones is this one. It’s a little messy, but everything is in a good condition and the prices are reasonable.
The pastel dishes are called “Daisy” by Lilien Porzellan. Its a true Austrian design classic from the 50ies / 60ies.

I fell in love with this cute sidetable. What do you think? take it or leave it!? (Its not a bargain but the price is ok… but I was not sure so I left it there..!?)