small achievements here and there

oh boy, the end is near!
At least the end of our apartment lease contract so a chaotic moving month is ahead of us.
Let me show you the small achievements we’ve been working on for the last couple of spring-weekends to add the last finishing touches to our dreamhome.. (because hands down… if you don’t do it BEFORE you move in it won’t be done for a looong time, right!?)

First and most importantly we got rid of this crazy, dirty, dusty work rug we had layed on our floor for surface protection.

We My supercrafty-cousin Robert installed beautiful Ikea Ranarp lamps above our kitchen and he installed the amazing 70ies shade in Lindas nursery I found on a fleamarket a few years ago. (how cute are those graphics!?)
I oiled the stairs with a black wood oil to make them slightly darker and compatible with the industrial look of the steel frame. (note to myself: never wear a white shirt while applying black oil… now some parts of my white shirt are also very compatible to the dark steel frame!)
My dad and Martin worked on some small bits and pieces and last finshing touches to install the slide! (yeah, baby!) and to get on with the garden planning and preparations for sowing gras seeds. All under Lindas supervisor eyes!
She doesn’t look very impressed – does she!?
I’ll keep you updated on the next step our garden (and the house) is doing!


rough garden work

Last weekend we worked really hard to get rid of plants, soil and grass to reclaim the garden for ourselfs and the upcoming renovation.


After almost a decade of no gardenwork at all we had a hard time to provent all the blackberries* from taking over!
Lucky me: my love M♥ is really skilled dealing with big machines and so we had (most) of the roots and blackberries out in no time.



I was exited to see hundreds of violets, some tulips and other spring beauties taking their way through the harsh garden environment.


we even found some steps and little paths under layers of soil and grass. As soon as the house is in a good state we are going to make our garden dream happen! … to be continued!

*footnote: don’t get me wrong: I love blackberries but I like them in a more neat-kitchen-garden-way.. not in the good old “sleeping-beauty” style.


spring is slowly evolving over here. so  a few weeks ago we enjoyed the first glimpse of warmer weather and sunshine in a nature park near Vienna. We took a much needed relaxed walk trough the garden and felt really R O Y A L.

If you haven’t been there it is worth a journey! take a look at the Schlosspark Laxenburg. You have to pay for the entry but they also accept dogs there (although we had to pay for Gustave almost twice as much as we did for us.) its a beautiful getaway and worth every penny – and its huge you can walk for hours and spend your entire day there, rent a boat on the lake or just stroll around, lay in the sun and remember: life is beautiful.


can’t wait for our next sunday getaway there!

all photos where taken with my beloved pentax KX on film.