the treehouse 1965

I had to change my blog-post-schedule (ha! yes, unless you haven’t noticed I try to post every tuesday and thursday…more or less!)
A few days ago my neighbor Herbert gave me this old photograph of his house and our house. It was taken by his father-in-law 1965! I was searching for old photos of the treehouse for such a long time and at the point I almost forgot about this (there are 1 or 3 million other items on my to-do-list I struggle with at the moment!) my neighbor came like heaven send!
footnote: I try to get the negative from him to scan it in higher resolution but for now here’s the print he gave me!

Look at the tree! HUGE! even though it was just 1965! such a beauty… ♥
Ok, enough tree-hugger love letters!
wish you all a great weekend! see you on tuesday!


punsch gathering part 2

here we go with part 2 of our little treehouse christmas party.
I rescued some old window frames back in summer, when we got new windows. And I thought its about time to give them a second chance. So we pinned a photo on the wall and hung one of the frames over it. voila! A really nice and superfast version of a unique photoframe!
I also build a little “tea-minibar” out of a beautiful old metal toolbox.
And to add a little extra cosiness we illuminated our vintage polka dot sunshade. (and put some chocolate umbrellas up).
my aunt Christine gave us a helping hand with some last-minute apple slices for the mulled wine. Thank you!
And Martins grandpa is such a talented up-cycler! He’s a blacksmith and made a great outdoor fireplace out of a old washingmachine and a table.
Lucia and Uli brought some delicious cakes, cupcakes and gingerbread. (the cupcakes were eaten so quickly I couldn’t even take a photo of them!) Thank you so much ladies for your support!
my mum and dad ♥

I could go on for hours with pictures of this evening. (it lasted until 3 in the morning) but I think I’ll just wish you:

M E R R Y   C H R I S T M A S !

take care and have youself (and your beloved ones) a merry little christmas!



Hey, I just wanted to give you a quick tour around the  N E W
We’ve decided to go with a much sleeker and cleaner look. And the most obvious change is that the photos are now much broader and larger.
I think one of the core strengths atreefor2 has, and the reason it is so well patronized by all of you guys is not my way of writing in a fancy broken english – SURPRIZE! – but all the photos of our house, the renovation and our beautiful crew!
We’ve also inserted a little menu in the upper header of the site.
If you click on it you can choose between the different categories. As well as an about and contact section.

Hope you like it!