time flies

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What a difference a white wall makes…
The professionals also rendered our attic walls with a beautiful outcome. Don’t you think?
Although we need to do some catch-up-work up there: The attic is our next big project!

Next steps in the attic will be:
– removing the (beautiful) old wooden floor,
– fill the floor with some insulation material,
– replace it with new panels,
– install a underfloor heating
(not sure with which system to go? we need a light-weight solution which the suspended floor/ceiling will support)
– get the roof thermally insulated and
– cover the thermal insulation with some beautiful wooden panels again!

… quite a schedule!
I think we’ll need some help by our crew with all that. And you know what, I totally look forward to that because I really miss those guys and girls!


the truss

YEAH! guess what!? we have a truss and thats just the beginning:

Today the brick layers closing the two gables, tomorrow the first window is going to be installed.
The one behind the tree – It’s huge – therefore we need to built it in before we raise the first interior walls.
Unfortunately I was wrong with the size of the window… oh boy! so we (speaking of WE I mean Martin) removed 3 centimeters of concrete!
Our dear friend Ben (hey mate!) told Martin a common phrase… “In Australia we say: Measure twice, cut once!”
So true!… anyway… thank god, the concrete was chisled away in half an hour!
measure twice picture from ficusamongus.
After that we finished our day with a cold dink under our new truss… while Ray, Schorsch and his girlfriend Rommy dropped by and we had a little topping out party and enjoyed the last rays of sun.
the beautiful measure twice sign is by the very talented Mr. Parsons, check out his work here.