living in a box

Well who said moving is easy?! But I never thought it could be that messy and chaotic.
First you have the feeling to remain in control of everything beeing really organized filling your “thematic boxes” like: kitchen, bathroom, clothes,… but in the end there’s just STUFF and you get those mixed boxes which are so hard to empty.
That’s where we are… half moved in (our apartment in vienna is already returned) living out of boxes.

It’s so much work but the good thing is it’s a chance to get rid of things you don’t need and to organize some departments in our lives new! yay!

Hope to keep you updated on a weekly basis… (one of my goals in my newly oranized blog department ;))


the money pit

oh boy.
I thought I was prepared for the removal of the terrace and the wooden porch our constructor did yesterday…but when I was visiting the site in the evening I felt like Tom Hanks in “the money pit”.
The house looks really really tiny and sad now and I desperately hope it will look like a home again sometime soon.

If you’re looking for me… I might be stuck in the floor waiting for martin to come home and rescue me! I’m here, honey!