our bathroom vanity

As I mentioned a few month ago. We saved a beautiful marble and iron vanity from the basement to make it shine in new splendor.
This is where we found it: under a lot of timber and stuff buried in the basement.
(the photo above is from 2007; where I took some quick photos while the real estate guy showed us the house. and: yes, my dad is was mister mustache!)
We put it in a different spot where it waited for several years to get a little love. And this summer we found the time to finish it. (actually my mum did it because I was to preggo-sick to do it)
bad_009 bad_011waschtisch004
We disassembled the vanity and brought the big marble panel to a stonemason who cut two holes into the marble surface (one for the faucet and one for the plug hole). We spent about 50 euros for the mason and maybe 20 for the paint and another 30 bucks for some special rust and stain remover. All together it was a pretty good deal for restoring the whole table.
Because of those clever investments we spoiled ourselves with choosing some supernice looking, high end, (rather pricy) fittings instead of going with the cheaper hardware-store-stuff.
We chose Ideal Standard (shower) and hansgrohe (vanity) and I’m happy with both choices (although I couldn’t test the shower so far…).
Looks like the bathroom will be the first finished room in the treehouse.
In the treehouse basement we found another secret treasure… which I’ll explain to you in one of my next detailed posts… you would never guess what’s in the shabby old cupboard…
and I can’t wait to share it with you!


bathroom in progress

Sorry guys I didn’t manage to upload a post yesterday. But I was crazy busy preparing, helping, buying stuff for our bathroom. So let’s have a look what happend so far. I already shared an inspirational moodboard of our future bath a few month ago and our amazing cement tiles…but seeing it all finally come together is a whole nother story!
Smashing! But so good to share the progress with you!

Fast forward, I have to admit we didn’t tile the floor ourselfs!
Those cement tiles are really expensive so we thought we better leave this task to the pros! Sometimes you need to step aside and hire someone that will save you so much of your time, nerves and money (professionals work so much faster and they know every trick while you probably need days to get it – and most likely a couple-therapy as well!)
My dear renovation hero, Kim Vargo of yellow brick home, wrote a sophisticated post about DIY vs. Hire a few days ago – check it out at their blog – nothing further to add her brilliant post!).
Although we didn’t tile our floor, we did the preparation for the tiling ourselfs. We needed to make sure that the height of the shower tray and the tiles are almost the same and we sealed the edges and the tray itself with the provided sealing tape. I can highly recommend the Bette Floor shower system. Everything (except the drain!! had to order it separately!) is provided with the tray. Let’s see how it turns out showering the first time… I’ll keep you informed.
We bought a marble windowsill corresponding our vanity. Speaking of that…
waschtisch002 waschtisch003
Here’s what we did: We found this beautiful old marble vanity in the basement of the house and brought the upper top to a stone cutter. (marble is such an incredible heavy material!!! I couldn’t lift the top myself.. thought it was still bolt-on! hahaha)
The stone cutter drilled the holes for the drain of the sink and the tap.
We are going to refurbish the base and reinstall the top with the sink and the tap. I can’t wait how it will turn out.

Back at the bathroom I watched the professionals tiling the floor. They used a special tile adhesive and put the cement also on the back of the tile (back buttering technique) that way they could correct the slight differences between the tile thickness. (Those tiles are hand made that’s why they vary a little in thickness.)
What do you think of it so far!?
I really love it.

And there’s another preview I can show you:
Robert, my cousin already installed our switches and plugs. We used the retro-inspired series from Berker which is called “1930”. I really like them and the color goes so well with the strong white of our walls! Now it’s just a matter of time until we can move in…