cement tiles

Hello. Let me introduce you to my new crush: cement tiles!
It was killer to unwrap the first pack of tiles we got a few weeks ago! (and since then I have two of those babies still in my room and look at them everyday, the surface is so soft and smooth… can’t wait to have them tiled in the bathroom) Look at these beauties!


Cement tiles got a quite history – beyond just over here in Austria.
They were widely used in hallways of houses around 1900. Due to their durability they are still in use, so in Austria it’s quite normal to have such floors in old tenement buildings and residential houses.
Those tiles are pretty thick (about 2 cm) and they consist of two layers: the motif layer (front) and the cement layer (backside).
They are extremely durable but also open-pored and the surface is sensitive to aggressive detergents.  As cement tiles are not fired, they derive their durability from the combination of finely dehydrated ground cement layer (back) and the pigment layer(front) which is hydraulically pressed into the surface and becomes a part of the tile. There’s not a glaze or paint layer on the surface of the tile but we’re going to varnish them with a sealer to make them resistant against (most) stains.
I’ll write a post about it as soon as we lived a few month with them and let you know what are the major do’s and don’ts of this material.

I found a little video about the making of those tiles at our suppliers homepage.
Take a look :




I’m not a very patriotic person but I love it here in Austria. It’s really not the baddest place to live!
But if I could choose another Republic to live in I think I’d go for the Republic of Fritz Hansen! haha! (sorry, Australia but you are right on 2nd place!)

Just kidding.
The Republic of Fritz Hansen is no country but an danish design company (Fritz Hansen is the Herman Miller of Europe) who happend to have worked with all the design-rock-stars since 1872! (Arne Jacobsen, Hans J. Wegner, Poul Kjaerholm to name just a few.) But they didn’t stopped and rested on their oars they are still working with contemporary Designers like Jaime Hayon (left). He designed my dreamsofa (right)- the beautiful FAVN.


For the last years he worked on a new amazing piece which was released a few days ago: the RO chair.
I think both of these beauties would fit perfectly in our little treehouse, unfortunately they are WAY out our budget… (if I’d own one of these beauties I’d hold on to them like Jaime in the photo above! haha!… all day long)

Here is a small video about the new RO chair. (I think the music is – to put it diplomatically – not the perfect match to the vivid Designer and his passionate speech about his new baby – but its worth to see the chair from different angles and to get a glimpse of the design process behind it)


dog days of summer

It’s officially summer over here (sunday will be the hottest day with 39°C thats over 102°F!) and while we are having “the dog-days of summer” (Hundstage) as we call it here in Austria I’m still browsing through the photos of last weekend.

Until I have them ready for you I’ll share a small video I did a few days ago….
speaking of dog days… Gustav loves the weather and the wheatfields:

Gustav in the field

footnote: next time I’ll do a proper wide-screen video but I forgot about it while I was filming ’cause I was laughing so much! Sorry for the bad quality and the vertical video! Next time Gustav and I will do much better!