built-in cupboard

We try to use every tiny nook for storage in our treehouse. It’s a rather small house (at least for Austrian standards) and although we want try need to downsize and get rid of S T U F F we do need proper and smart storage solutions for the stuff we cant get rid off.
footnote: I really looking forward to life with less things… I apprecheate the movement of downsizing and living simple life. Where you are surounded with quality stuff or things you really love. Reward yourself with quality items rather than quantity… Do you know Melanie of a small life. she’s my downsizing hero… and I really love her shiny airstream.
Anyway we decided to use the space within the attic by building a cupboard on one side. We used the same system like we did in Lindas nursery. With sliding doors. As doors we reused old wooden window shutters from my parents house which where used 80 to 100 years ago within the old windows.

Schorsch and Martin renovated and adapted them. As they have been folding shutters they braced them with wooden strips and sanded them while my mum painted them with a matte finish from farrow and ball (wevet in estate eggshell).


kitchen backsplash – the prequel

Our dear Instagram followers already know about our plans regarding the kitchen back spalsh (or splashback…!? always confused which one is right!?)… we are trying to built one out of beautiful old windows!
(we won’t have wall units in the kitchen so we can use the whole wall from the counter to the ceiling!)
There’s a(nother) small house which belongs to Martin – but unfortunately it’s in a really bad condition and we have to knock it down. The good news is, that we are going to recycle a lot of the materials from this house in the renovation of the treehouse. This does not only make sense in a ecological way but will also save us some expenses.
The windows where originally installed in some sort of hall/conservatory which you’ll find in a lot of the old houses around here.
I thought it might be really hard to demount them without breaking the window panes or the frame. But it was pretty easy thanks to a very simple construction. They where basically just mounted with small ledges. We removed those and could easily lift them out of the frames (with 3 people and a hammer).
Keep my fingers crossed that they will fit in the treehouse-kitchen! … let’s see.


Next to the house is a beautiful garage, where I found time to pretend driving my favorite tractor! Cute 1950ies beauty in red!



condensation problems

It’s official Winter here in Austria.
The light is soft and blueish, the sun sets early and its freezing cold outside. Not the perfect conditions for a sun-lover like I am. And not the perfect conditions for a new floor screed with a good working under-floor heating system either!
The problem is the condensation. We have a humidity of nealy 80 percent indoors… which makes not only the windows sweat … but also the walls almost dripping wet.
While the floor screed is drying its emitting water into the air. That condensates on the walls and windows. So what we did the last couple of days was to open the windows and doors for a couple of hours (the cold air outside is really dry) to change the air in the rooms. But that was just not enough, so Codo lend us a dehumidifier. It’s better. but still a mess… I think we will need a bigger one…
footnote: We’ve already got a bigger one and it works perfect I guess in a few days the problem will be solved! horray!