paint scratches – part 1


Here’s a short summary of the paint scratching weekend….
We had several things on our to-do-list for this day:

– scratching off all the old paint from our walls (to prepare them for the next step: render and grout)
– removing all the nails off the ceiling
– removing what was left of the old interior walls
– building 2 wooden walls in our extension

Jantschy and Martin instantly built a team for the wooden walls. The professor felt like a duck in the water… and had immediately a plan ready which he’d explained to Martin before they started.
While Branson and I began with the work in the other part of the house. Branson was such a trooper he got up that ladder and removed all 123.434.223  countless nails from the ceiling. (Once they’ve been placed to keep the reed in position which in turn was installed to keep the plaster up the ceiling.) Anyway it was an impostion but he did so well! Thank you Branson for doing that sh*** work!
He also brought along some good music (as you know mister Branson got some excellent taste in music and is our personal site-DJ!) With his music mix the work was easily done and we worked pretty fast…
that was the view I had most of the time… boys on ladders… trousers, belly buttons, shoes and bums….
And that’s what I looked like … scratching off the paint is some dusty work! I was completely covered in paint-dust (except where I wore gloves – like in the picture above). And because that is a pretty bad job I got on the save side and put on some stylish goggles… Branson did so too…
and just for the record: NO, I did not scuba dive that afternoon… and NO, mister Branson did not go to a fancy-90ies-Berlin-inspired-Rave-Party that afternoon. We’ve just been on the savety trip!


meet the crew

Let me introduce to you the beautiful miss ladybird. She was a much needed helping hand when we ripped out the floor a few weeks ago.  (she did a awesome job in ripping out the cement tiles gently but determinately!) She’s a qualified social education worker so she was experienced with managing the crew (sometimes we tend to be a little chaotic). It was such a warm day but she digged like a excavator! Thanks miss ladybird for your time and elbow grease! Looking forward to your next job (or visit) at the site!

Toby is Martins partner in crime when it comes to cars and reparing, comparing or petting them. As these two are a good team we thought we ask him for some help with our renovation project. It was his first time at the treehouse but I think he liked it. He kicked the a** of the concrete floor with the sledge hammer like a madcap. (his nickname is “Tobsucht” which translates as “raven madness”) Thanks Toby for beeing mad at our floors!

Look at Anja. To tell a long story short: She’s my hero!
Anja is from the Austrian Alps (I think that’s where she got her spectacular muscles from! climbing up and down… just kidding, Anja!) she traveled about 800 km for just one EXHAUSTING day(and night) of working at the site and at the end of the day she was still smiling! I love her positive attitue! she’s always singing or laughing and is bricklaying like a pro! The first-ever-accident happend last weekend in the treehouse with Anja: while working at the site she was laughing so hard she’d bend herself and hit her head on a hammer handle! …which made her laugh even harder! what should I tell you… I love that gal!
footnote: Anja is not only a brick-layer but at first place she’s a professional photographer  – show you some photos she did of us in a few days…


meet the crew

there are 2 new crew members which I’d like to introduce to you:

First there is Karli. He’s a real daredevil. He climbed up the old truss and balanced with the cordless screwdriver on top of the roof like a circus performer. I couldn’t even look at this. Together with my brother he had all the “tightrope-work” done as fast as I could say: atreefor2!
Thanks Karli for the balls and the fancy footwork to climb up there!

And in the Afternoon George – aka Jantschy – came and gave us a helping hand. Martin knows him since Kindergarden and we call him “the professor” because he is!
His major is physics and maths which comes in handy because he knows a lot about construction and statics (even if its just in theroy… no… just kiddin’ jantschy!) I really appreciated the help of him. He was a trooper! Thanks for the help professor!