the nursery (wall)

Ok, so the baby-news hit us a little flat-fooded last summer. But after all it was not to late to rethink the layout of our attic and squeeze a (pretty big – about 20 square meters/200 square foot) nursery in.

Since our xmas getaway we could cross off a million things from the to-do-list. Martin had 3 (!!!) weeks off and he worked literally day and night to get things done! Together with my family (thank you mum, dad, cousin and best-brother-in-the-world) and our friends we managed to finish some of the most important tasks. I try to catch up with all those great achievements within the next few posts…

Let’s start with the nursery wall..

Like in our extension we built it again from wood and (sound)insulated it with our favorit product when it comes to wall or ceiling insulation: wool!
Again we chose the wool from isolena, this time we needed a slightly thicker quality (which has more body to it and won’t colapse over the years within the wall).


Compared to a picture of the attic a few month ago it’s an amazing difference! I like the attic now a lot more with two rooms (we also divided a small storage room from the rest) it feels bigger and well structured.
Finally my dad and Martin built in the old kitchen door we saved 2 years back at our deconstruction party. It took them half a day but I think it was totally worth it! The mix of old and new elements is what makes you feel at home and to be honest there are almost no affordable and beautiful new doors I could life with.
As I’m getting more and more of a laborer due to my pregnancy I was in good company as Gustav was my buddy cleaning a little or cutting wool, playing … easy stuff …

Sorry for the dog-photo-overload lately … a sneak peek of what will happend as soon as the baby is on board! 


2 thoughts on “the nursery (wall)

  1. I LOVE dog overload! Your puppy is the cutest!! Just look at those eyes! That is awesome that you can fit in a nursery, and a beautiful decent-sized one at that. We are currently trying to clear out one of our TINY minor bedrooms to make it a baby’s room (goodbye craft room! *sob*!)

    • Hi Maya, thank you so much. Yes, luckily we found out at the perfect time … so it was possible can’t wait to show you the shingled nursery love to hear what you think about that… but first: let’s deliver our baby girl! 🙂
      all the best for you and your pregnancy!
      xo, Katharina

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