the treehouse 1965

I had to change my blog-post-schedule (ha! yes, unless you haven’t noticed I try to post every tuesday and thursday…more or less!)
A few days ago my neighbor Herbert gave me this old photograph of his house and our house. It was taken by his father-in-law 1965! I was searching for old photos of the treehouse for such a long time and at the point I almost forgot about this (there are 1 or 3 million other items on my to-do-list I struggle with at the moment!) my neighbor came like heaven send!
footnote: I try to get the negative from him to scan it in higher resolution but for now here’s the print he gave me!

Look at the tree! HUGE! even though it was just 1965! such a beauty… ♥
Ok, enough tree-hugger love letters!
wish you all a great weekend! see you on tuesday!

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