thermal insulation – the roof – part I

The Austrian climate is a temperate one (and most of the time to cold for me! But I have to admitt: at the moment it’s pretty mild and almost spring. YEAH!) The houses over here are normally well provided with an excellent heating system, energy efficient insulated windows (at least with 2 or more panes) and if you want to have an attic to sleep in, like we do, you also need to insulate your roof. It’s like puting on a warm hat in winter.. only that the insulation will also help to keep your head cool in during warm summer nights too! (temperate climate as I told you: up to 35° C in summer and down to -20 in winter).
So insulation is a  M U S T in Austria.

Pretty early in our renovation process we discovered a material made by an Austrian company with very high standards and an amazing U-value (= a measure of heat loss in a building element such as a wall, window or roof; a low number indicates a better U-value). We ordered it and had the amazing amount of 76 bags full of blow-in-material and 5 huge towers of insulation panels awaiting in my parents tractor garage to be handled. (thank you mum & dad for your patience!)
I had two weeks off from work – in the first we worked on the attic floor and in the second we began with the insulation of the roof.
With the material comes a free introduction tutorial on how to work with the material. So Alpor send a skilled worker to us and we had also our most loyal and handy workers with us: Ray, Schorsch and my Dad.
We’ve been a little overvelmed with all the information and the harsh, caustically, rough commands we were yelled at by this (truely skilled but unbeliveably harsh) worker! phew! I think it’s not what you say, but how you say it… and this dude really couldn’t set the right tone.
Anyway. (Luckly we didn’t need to marry him but just learn the basics of insulating with the Alpor-system and that’s what we did!)

I think we moved 4 of those loads to the house. each day a new one (beacause the house is to small for storing them all at once!)
(my dad is just kidding with the bag on his shoulder… one of those had only less than 1kg!)
preparing the barrier foil which came between the trusses to avoid that the tiny insulation material will loose itself in the narrow gaps of the roof construction.
the boys learning how to mount the foil and my dad in the poor position of “the holder”.
After Martin finished from work he went straight to the treehouse to give us a helping hand. (thank you my ♥) He looked a little sceptic, because I think he wasn’t at all prepared to attend this insulating-boot-camp! (I guess I should have warned him..)
But we worked superfast and got so much done this first day.
Stay tuned to see how we did finish the instulation without the drill-sergent in my next post.

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