thermal insulation – the roof – Part II

In the upcoming days we worked really hard (almost as hard as during the insulation boot camp) for hours and hours in the treehouse to get it all done.
And within 4 days we did it! Thanks to our dear crew members: Schorsch, dad, Ray and miss ladybird!
Here we go with some detailed photos about the last days:
me and my foampistol.. a true love story!
on the second day we celebrated Rays birthday!
We kicked off our lunch break with a bottle of Champagne! (and sip it out of very stylish plastic cups!) work hard – play hard!
Finishing the windows was a little tricky (lots of measuring & cutting, back and forth), but the dreamteam of Ray, Schorsch and Martin had it done in a few hours!

Whenever we got two rows mounted we started to fill the gap beneath the trusses and behind the plates with the little pellets of loose insulation material to double the efficiency of it.
my dad and my brother as throwing and catching experts!
Saturday afternoon the girls droped by and Lucia (aka the baking queen) brought a delicious sweet treat to the site: a Gunniess cake
the B E S T cake I’ve ever had! It was delicious…
Please do try this at home its really great! She found the recipe here (german) but there are many more to find in english too.

Stay tuned for the last few photos where we finished the harderst part: the roof peak.

4 thoughts on “thermal insulation – the roof – Part II

    • Servus Hannes,
      Yes, it tasted even better than it looked! …really delicious!
      And thanks for hint: I just fixed the link! (should work now)
      Thank you!

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