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Last weekend I had half a day off from the site which was great because I found the time to pursue a hobby I had disregarded for a long time:
Thrift shopping!
I love vintage furniture, light shades, beautiful old tableware, cloth, patterns, colors,…
I’m a true admirer of stuff that was created or build or designed before I was born! someones trash is my treasure!
There are a few places outside of Vienna where you can find a lot of beautiful and unique stuff and one of my favorite ones is this one. It’s a little messy, but everything is in a good condition and the prices are reasonable.
The pastel dishes are called “Daisy” by Lilien Porzellan. Its a true Austrian design classic from the 50ies / 60ies.

I fell in love with this cute sidetable. What do you think? take it or leave it!? (Its not a bargain but the price is ok… but I was not sure so I left it there..!?)

2 thoughts on “thrift shopping

  1. Whew, it looks like you could spend days in that shop! I love the light fixtures and that side table, it definitely has a lot of charm. Thanks for taking us thrifting with you!

    • That’s true you can easily spend a few weeks there!
      Yes still thinking about the sidetable… maybe I’ll go and get it! (keep you on track with this!)
      Thanks for stopping by!

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