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We successfully decorated the nursery wall with those beautiful wooden shingles but also for the other side of the wall we decided to go with a bold  wall decoration: a wallpaper.
I searched oline for the perfect match but couldn’t find anything I had in mind, so we decided to design our own wallpaper!
I scanned an old photo of my grandma which I really love (actually I really love both: my granny and the photo of her in this beautiful dress next to the first car my gradpa and she owned) and made a photo of the blank nursery wall in our attic. (Simply, to get an idea what it will look like) I roughly sketched the result on my computer and showed it to Martin and he loved it right away.

We decided to give it a try in real life and had it printed with a wallpaper printing company.
My mum is pretty experienced when it comes to mounting wallpapers and she did a great job with mounting the huge photo wallpaper as well.

(no worries: the part far right where the wallpaper ends will be hidden in our built-in cupboard.)

4 thoughts on “wallpaper DIY

    • Danke! man darf gespannt sein, was noch so alles kommt! 🙂 ganz liebe grüße an dich und deine boys, K

    • Hi Maggie,
      thank you for your feedback. Of course: I did it with plakativ wien but there are plenty of others out there. all the best, Katharina

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