wallpaper – part 1

Our hall was still just rendered (a little) and left like this. But we wanted to paint the wood and we thought working with a lining paper – a thick and broad wallpaper which covers the edges of the wood and gives a smooth wall-like look.
The lining wallpaper made already a huge difference but we decided to go with a decor wallpaper as well (in the toilet and the hall).
I choose a nautic themed wallpaper for the toilet (for obvious reasons) and a more graphic one for the hall.
The next step is to cover the electrical stuff under some nice refurbished wood… speaking of recycling wood: you’ll love what we did with some old wooden planks from our kitchen floor…

2 thoughts on “wallpaper – part 1

  1. Ahh I love love love love that nautical wallpaper. I used wallpaper in a half bath, in our master and will also use some in the nursery. I like that other people are using wallpaper as well. I get a lot of weird looks when I say I’m using it because I think ‘wallpaper’ evokes images of old floral paper from grandmas house. But it doesn’t have to look dated! There are some beautiful and fun choices out there! I’m happy to see other people embracing it too! Great work 🙂

    • Hi Amy,
      thank you. Yes, I think so too! the granny-times of wallpapers are over! Looking forward to see your choices!

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