well well well

For those of you who are wondering…

no. we didn’t quit the blog.
no. we didn’t finish the reno of the treehouse without sharing it with you.
no. we didn’t sell the half-done-house and clear-out (to live now in a warm and sunny place).

Actually we had to rearrange some things in the treehouse layout over the last few months, because we are expecting our first baby in february!
I’m so sorry for the radiosilence on atreefor2 but I was not at all prepared to what awaited me on my first trimester-rollercoaster-ride (actually it was just a ride downwards to hit rock-bottom) where I struggled with a lot of health issues like nausea, a constant fatigue and tiredness and morning sickness (why call it morning sickness if it lasts all day long … for 8 weeks!?)
Fortunately I’m feeling much better now with a lot more energy which got us back on track with our renovation.
So please excuse our summer of silence, I’m looking forward to share a lot of our new projects (code word: nursery!) with you during the weeks to come.

keep in touch.

pregnancy announcement
Can’t wait to do a family portrait in the photobooth with all 4 of us!

14 thoughts on “well well well

  1. Hallo Wien!
    Was für super schöne Nachrichten! Ich freue mich für Euch!
    Alles Liebe und Gute aus Aachen

    PS Dir ist klar, dass der Blog-Titel überarbeitet werden muss?!

    • hihihi… Ja, das haben wir auch schon überlegt… jetzt heißt’s nicht nur beim Grundriss neu umdenken… 😉 ich komm drauf zurück!

    • Hey, so schön von euch zu hören! Danke für die liebe Nachricht!!! Ich hoff wir sehen uns bald wieder! dickes bussal und fette umarmung!

    • Thank you Caroline for your kind words! Martin’s birthday is also in february.. maybe it’s going to be the same date! we’ll see… 🙂

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