where I lay my head is home

When we got Gustave we made a bed out of an old cardboard box (1) for him for the first few nights. he got bigger and bigger every day so we moved him to an old suitcase (2), and it was just a matter of time until he would grow out of this one as well.


Since there where basically NO dogbeds which we liked or which suited our interior. I sticked to the idea of the suitcase and bought a bigger model … the biggest I could find at the fleamarket. Gustave loved it right away! Its made out of wood and is really heavy (I get a backpain imagining how heavy it must have been fully packed) but also beautiful, with some metal details on the outside.

so here you go with the perfect vintage dogbed:
an old suitcase, a piece of foam mattress and 1 or 2 fitted sheets on top (1 on the bed and 1 in the laundry 😉 ).daybed_gusti

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