working sewer – part 2

I’ve already mentioned the wonderful day we got all the plumbing done for our sewer pipes and that everything happend before lunch! (on some days everything goes according to plan … and if it doesn’t: Stop doing that and think what you could do instead, or call it a day and go to the movies or something).

In the afternoon the sun came out and we worked a little more on our sewer: covered the drains with soil and sand and Martin did his favorite job at the site: playing working in the garden with his tractor!
We were in good company as my cousin Andrea and her son Toby visited us at the treehouse.
Martin and Toby worked really hard on leveling our garden!
Toby instantly tried the new off-road-bike trail! and I think he liked it!
After that we’ve explored the new VELUX windows and the view on top of our treehouse.
Toby and Martin had a little chat about cars, tractors and boy-stuff and relaxed in the sunshine on some self-installed ACC-block benches while looking at their work and the leveled garden! Excellent job boys!

It was a really special afternoon we spend together as we normally just see eachother only once (or less) a year (face to face. of course we keep in touch via skype). Andrea lives with her husband Ben (Hi mate!) and Toby in Sydney! I really miss them!

I whish beaming (in the star-trek sense of definition) would already be invented… I’d love to drop by them every now and then for a yummy “pizza Musico” and some o’clock drink in their garden Down Under!

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  1. Auf die Gefahr hin mich jetzt wie eine sechzig-Jährige anzuhören: Ich kann nicht glauben, wie groß der Toby schon ist! Aaaahhhh!

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